Thursday, September 23, 2010

Certified Chocolate Addict

It's been a few days and so far I am doing decent. I can't say great because Lord knows I could improve my eating. My biggest weakness right now isn't the fact that I want french fries, it isn't the need for a cheeseburger ... but instead it is the sweets. I love love love chocolate and I am a certified chocolate addict. I mean I am fat, I have to love to eat. haha.

I bought some 100 calorie packs of chocolate goodness in hopes that it will help soothe the craving. Unfortunately this week, I haven't exactly just had one. Maybe it is because it is my TOM or whatever, but the craving has been insane. I mean I have even waited for an extended period of time to make sure that I really want chocolate. I heard that is one way to help curb the desire. Even an hour later, I was still wanting to eat something sweet. Hopefully next week it will be better.

I have cut my calories back significantly. I am watching what I eat, and working on eating more veggies and fruit. I think I am on the right path, just need to focus on adding exercising and stuff like that.

For anyone who reads, how do you deal with chocolate cravings?

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  1. Chocolate...hmmm. I reallly love chocolate. What has worked best for me is buying a big block of baker's chocolate in semisweet (as a vegan, it's the only one I've found readily available that doesn't contain milk or butter). Half of one square is 70cals. I keep the squares in the fridge or freezer...when cold they take FOREVER to eat, but the chocolate taste is really good and really strong, which I love. By the time I finish one piece (half a square), I'm usually tired of trying to eat it, lol, and that keeps me from going back for more.
    Also, hot chocolate helps me, especially in cooler weather. A cup of hot cocoa takes a lot longer to consume than a cupcake, but packs a smaller caloric punch, too.
    And some days...I just eat more chocolate than I probably should. ;)